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Instructor Development (IDC)

Avez deja penser plonger tous les jours, faire de la plongee un metier? Le cours IDC vous conduira a la derniere etape et realiser votre reve.

Demmarez une nouvelle carriere professionnelle, tous le monde peux le faire, avec de la motivation et la force de dire “Moi aussi”.

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Instructor Development (IDC) in Phuket

You ever think about diving every day, make diving a job? The IDC will bring you to this final step and open the door of a new career. Everyone can do it, all you need its motivation and the strength to say “Me Too”.


Requirements Before Starting?

  • Be certified as PADI Divemaster or equivalent.
  • Be certified diver within 6 months and get 100 dives logged.
  • Be certified Emergency First Response or equivalent within 2 years.
  • Be healthy and present a doctor certificate for Diving activities
  • Be more than 18 years old.

Available Formulas

PADI Pro Silver Package - 12 Days 47,000 ฿

AI and OWSI preparation course, EFR Instructor Course

PADI Pro Gold Package - 21 Days 60,000 ฿

AI and OWSI preparation course, EFR Instructor Course + 5 Instructor Specialty

PADI Pro Gold Package (21 Days) + 40-60 Days 70,000 ฿

The Pro Gold Package + become MSDT by teaching and 25 Diving Certifications

What Will You Do?

The IDC course is conducted by a PADI Course Director and include 2 part :

  • Assistant Instructor (AI) 5 Days

you will learn the standards of PADI training and aply them though presentations, confine water session and open water sessions. You will develop your capacities to organise and supervise diving activities.

  • Open Water Scuba Instructeur (OWSI) 

Learn how to be diving instructor, teaching standards for each courses. Practice in classroom with presentations, demonstrate skill in pool and in open water. Repeat until you get ready for the Instructor Examination.

following this you will be ready to get to the intructoe examination with the agreement of your Course Director.   

Why Become a PADI Instructor?

Teaching diving is very grateful, you will learn how to share your passion. PADI offer great support for teaching and learning that why it’s the most reconciled training worldwide. when certified as instructor you will find many job opportunities all around the planet.

What Can You Do After?

  • Start to work as PADI Scuba Diving Instructor.
  • Continue your training with the MSDT.
  • Get some instructor Specialty to teach more courses.