Phuket has a lot to offer to all kind of divers from beginners to very experienced. You will enjoy with us many sorts of snorkeling trip, diving trip to the best dive sites around Phuket, Racha Island and PhiPhi island. We propose a range of liveaboards trip to the Similan Islands, Hin Deang-Hin Muang, koh Ha Islands and Myanmar. Our PADI dive centre teaches all range of PADI scuba diving courses.

Diving around Phuket and discover the abundant marine life on the 3 main destinations. PhiPhi Island the most famous and a beautiful marine life and coral reef, the dive site suitable for the beginner it can offer a calm, clear water and all the beauty of the place will get through your eyes and leave you unforgettable memories. But it can be a bit rough sometime with less than 10 meters visibility and current so ask first the suggestion to our team.
The Racha Yai and Racha Noi Island is the best for beginners divers to get and beautiful and smooth experience in crystal clear water. The reef is mostly hard coral dispatched on a white sandy bottom. Marine life is not that dense but lot of different species leaving in those reefs. At Racha Noi during December to April you can encounter Manta Rays. The King Cruiser wreck located half way to PhiPhi island is a beautiful dive site with very dense marine life, not far from it the is Shark Point and Anemone Reef the favorite dive site of our team. Colors, marine life small and big is here and waiting to meet with you. We have the wall of Koh Doc Mai with great macro marine life for macro lovers.

Diving day trip in phuket, corals and sea life exploration in Thailand

Phuket diving offer Basic and Advanced diving Trip, with daily departures to the best dive sites. Either you are only certify Open Water (level 1) or Advance diver and more we have trip adapted to your level. 

  Hight quality service

  Experience guide and instructors

  Quality equipment rental

  2 or 3 Dive trip every days


PADI Bubble Maker Course in Phuket Thailand with Andaman Coral Divers
Phuket Main Diving Destination

Phuket has 3 main diving destinations, with departure from Chalong pier. Discover the Clear water and white sandy bottom of Racha's Islands or the great marine life and amazing landscape of PhiPhi island. 

  Racha Yai Island-2 Dives

  Racha Yai and Noi Island-3 Dives

  PhiPhi Island-3 Dives

  King Cruiser / shark point / Koh doc mai-3Dives




Anemone Reef

Clown fish at Anemone Reef dive site in Phuket, Thailand.
Anemone Reef is an immersed pinnacle with its top at 5m (16 feet) carrying this dive site its Thai name "Hin Jom"... READ MORE

King Cruiser

King Cruiser was a vehicle and passenger ferry ship servicing the Phuket to Phi Phi Islands journey that sank on ... READ MORE

Shark Point

Shark Point was named for the common sightings of Leopard Sharks in the site. Identified as Hin Mu Sang bu locals ... READ MORE

Koh Doc Mai

Koh Dok Mai literally means "Flower Island". There are several stories of how the site got its name - some say it is ... READ MORE

Koh Bida Nai

Koh Bida Nai has an astounding topography of underwater slits, immense boulders, and fields of staghorn reef ... READ MORE

Koh Bida Nok

Koh Bida Nok is raising a remarkably exciting underwater topography and is distinguished by steep precipices ... Read More

Phi Phi Islands

Scuba Diving, Fun Dive Day Trips, and Snorkeling at Koh Phi Phi Island offers a glorious variety of different types ... Read More

Hin Daeng

If the Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock are the greatest dive site in the Northern Andaman Sea, then Hin Daeng and ... Read More

Hin Muang

The doppelgänger outcrops to the west of Hin Daeng are referred to as Hin Muang, which mean "Purple Rock" in Thai ... Read More